Welcome To Women’s Money Week!

When I was contacted early this year about interest in participating in a project called Women’s Money Week, I literally fainted. Out of all bloggers to be contacted for something like this, I was one of them! What is Women’s Money Week? It’s bringing some of the best and brightest personal finance bloggers together to discuss important financial topics that are important to YOU and other women like YOU. I’ve been blogging for over three years and I’m still shocked that even after personal finance blogging has taken off, a lot of women are not only discouraged by finances, but not doing anything about them.It’s been one of my personal missions to bring more women themed personal finance to my site and I’m really happy to kick it off this week. I’m writing three cornerstone pieces that will be linked back to the actual website where their posted as well as posting daily this week to bring up topics that have to do with women and finances.

Along with collecting remarkable post from women bloggers all over the blogosphere, Women’s Money Week is also launching a collective resource pack which has tons of resources from all over to help you kick off you’re finances on the right foot! “Launch Yourself” contains:

  • Partnership Playbook by Pamela Slim and Desiree Adaway ($199)
  • The Art of Earning ($25) and Email Marketing Kickstart ($97) by Tara Gentile
  • Attract Clients Fast: Ten Easy Steps to Fill Your Professional Practice by Jan Marie Dore ($97)
  • How to Build a Part-Time Social Media Business by Alexis Grant ($24)
  • Write Your Mess by Allison Nazarian ($97)
  • Reclaim Your Life by Anastasiya Goers ($37.95)
  • Disobedient Directory and Site Snapshot by Jackie Purnell ($175)
  • Make Sh*t Happen by Jenny Blake  ($47)
  • To Whom it May Concern: Or, How to Stop Sucking At Your Job Search by Jenny Foss ($39)
  • Sticky Ebook Formula by Kelly Kingman ($27)
  • Location Independent Lifestyle Guide ($37) and The Naming eKit and Workbook by Lea Woodward
  • Business Goddess Starter Kit by Goddess Leonie Dawson ($49.95)
  • Power to Your Message by Michelle Barry Franco ($33)
  • Operation: Creative Career Cheer by Michelle Ward ($37)
  • Build Your Online Business by Natalie Sisson ($37)
  • 52 Weeks to Awesome by Pace and Kyeli Smith ($52)
  • Building Online Relationships that Work: A Bottle of Wuffa Dust by Sarah Robinson ($89)
  • Quit Your Job and Travel the World Bundle by Christine Gilbert ($19.99)
  • Discover Your Money Map Number ($497) + 1 Month of Eyes Wide Open Coaching ($97)   by    Alexis Neely

I’ve already heard amazing things about a lot of the products and for myself, I’ve already purchased Make Sh*t Happen to help me with my habit of procrastination and to help me achieve even more of the goals I’ve set up for myself.

All of this is including in the “Launch Yourself” pack and is offered at the extremely low Women’s Money Week price of $98.00!  Click here to view more details and to purchase. This low price is only being offered from March 5th, 2012 @ 5am until March 6th at midnight which means this sale is only available for 36 hours so snap it up while you can. What’s even better is 25% of proceeds are being donated to help Women for Women International and Global Fund for Women. Women’s financial empowerment for you and Global Fund for Women? Yes please!

I hope everyone’s ready for me! Next Up, Entrepreneurship/ Making Money.